Our specially designed and structured programs allow for any kids aged 6 months-18 years to fly into gymnastics with no limit to what they can achieve!

"All of the kids had so much fun at my daughters party, especially when you made the birthday girl fly! "

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Hanging out and having fun at home is totally cool but after the PJ days wear off, they’ll…


How do trampolines assist with your childs’ development

There are many obvious benefits of jumping on a trampoline, like improving your coordination & balance but let’s take…


Following the different pathways to State Teams- Two Jets Gymnasts take on the 2019 Trans Bass Challenge

Have you ever wondered what the pathway to competitive gymnastics may look like? Jets Gymnastics is so proud…


Starting conversations about Emergency Services with your pre-schooler!

Did you know that triple zero receives more than 2.5 million calls every year via ESTA-the Emergency Services…


Hand Dominance- Right, Left or Ambidextrous?

Hand dominance is one of those developmental milestones we’re aware of but don’t really understand too much other…


BENEFITS OF GYMNASTICS for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

What if we told you that physical activity & motor development during the ‘foundation years’ (0-5yrs old) lays…

winter wonderland (2)

Winter Wonderland- Handy tips on how to escape the cold and travel with kids

It’s that time of year again for taking off on that midyear holiday to escape the winter blues…

lilahvicteam (2)

A first for Jets Gisborne Gymnast and Coach in their National Competitive Gymnastics Campaign

In her first year of competitive gymnastics twelve-year-old Lilah Yow Yeh will be proudly representing Victoria in the…


Mini Jets Teddy Bears Picnic- “W sitting” What’s the big deal?

What is W sitting? ‘W’ sitting is when a child sits on their bottom with both knees bent,…


Mini Jets MasterChef- How to turn your fussy eater into a foodie

Struggling with what to feed your fussy eater at meal times? Well, rest assured that you’re not alone!…

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