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  • How do I pay/how do you charge?
    Our membership fees are charged through monthly direct debit. To enrol in any class, you need to have your credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard) details saved on file. Fees are automatically debited on the 15th of each month or the next business day.
  • Why hasn’t my child passed a new level?
    Each level typically takes between 6 to 12 months or even longer to complete, depending on the individual child. Our classes are designed to support each child's unique journey, recognising that children develop socially, emotionally, and physically at different rates, which can affect their progress in gymnastics. Lower levels might be achieved more quickly, while higher levels take more time due to increased difficulty. Higher-level skills require greater flexibility, strength, and coordination. To learn more about your child’s development and progress, we encourage you to chat with their coach before or after class or check out the “evaluation” section through your Jets account.
  • Do we need to stay and watch?
    If your child is school aged, you don’t need to stay and watch the class. However, please ensure they are dropped off and picked up from inside the centre. We have viewing areas available in all our centre for those who wish to watch or even catch up on work. We'd love to see you!
  • Can we try a class?
    Absolutely! We would love to offer you a free trial class, subject to availability. You can request a trial class online, or feel free to contact us, and our Customer Support Team will be happy to help you.
  • How many children are in each class?
    Sweet Peas: 6:1 to 8:1 GymZone: 8:1 NinjaZone: 6:1 We proudly maintain small class sizes to ensure each gymnast gets the most out of their time in the gym.
  • Why two hour classes?
    Our two hour classes provide gymnasts with the opportunity to explore all apparatus weekly. This extended gym time allows for accelerated progress and includes dedicated time for strength and flexibility training to support skill development. Gymnastics is a sport that typically demands extensive training hours to achieve advanced skills. With over 30 years of program development, we know that our two hour classes are enough for gymnasts to attain high level skills such as flips and saults during their time with us.
  • My child just passed a new coloured level. Do they need to move classes?
    At Jets, we teach more than gymnastics! Our classes are thoughtfully designed to also meet your child’s developmental and social needs, ensuring they are continually engaged and challenged. So, when they achieve a new level, they will remain in their current class but will start learning a new set of skills on their journey towards achieving their next coloured t-shirt.
  • What if my child has an allergy or medical condition?
    All Jets staff are trained in First Aid and CPR to ensure everyone's safety. If your child has a severe allergy or requires medication while at Jets Gymnastics, you can request a "Gym Joey" bag from a coach. This specially designed, highly visible bag is intended for safely storing necessary medication. By keeping it strategically placed, our coaches can provide quick assistance to your child as needed.
  • What should they wear? Do we need to bring anything?
    We spend as much time on our hands as our feet, so it's best to wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement, like activewear without shoes or socks. When you enrol, you'll receive your very own Jets gymnast t-shirt for free. Don't forget to bring a water bottle! If you're already a gymnast, please wear your Jets t-shirt to class for added safety!
  • Are my fees adjusted if we miss a class for a public holiday?
    No, your monthly membership fee remains the same regardless of missed classes due to public holidays. We calculate our membership fees annually and divide them into monthly payments, considering the varying number of weeks and holidays throughout the year. While some months may include 3, 4, or 5 classes depending on the calendar, your fees remain the same.
  • When can we start? Do we need to wait for the next term?
    At Jets, we don’t follow school terms, which means you can get started at any time throughout the year! Our classes are popular, so if we can't enrol you straight away, we'll add you to our waitlist and let you know as soon as a spot becomes available.
  • What happens if we miss a class? Do we need to let you know?
    We know life can be busy! If you’re unable to attend your regular class, please let us know at least three hours before the class starts to receive a makeup token. Makeup tokens are valid for three months (90 days) from the date they are issued.
  • Track your child’s progress
    My Account > Students > Evaluations
  • Make a payment
    My Account > Payments > Make Payment
  • Book a makeup class
    My Account > Students > Makeups > Use Makeup Token > Follow Prompts Please note: makeup tokens aren't issued until after the date of the missed class
  • Transfer your enrolment to a new class
    My Account > Students > Enrolments > Transfer Enrolments > Select Class > Follow Prompts
  • Add or update your credit/debit card details
    My Account > Payments > Stored Payment Information > Add or Update
  • Update your personal details
    My Account > Account Information > Add or Edit
  • Cancel your membership
    30 days written notice is required to cancel your membership. Email to request your cancellation. Refer to our Membership Cancellation policy for more info.
  • Weather Cancellation
    We are always doing our best to keep the gym cool and classes safe in the hot weather. We have air conditioning in all our locations running all day and we maximise airflow with factory doors. During class we take extra breaks, reducing the intensity of classes and modifying lesson plans, drinking lots of water and we even have spray bottles of water to keep the gymnasts cool which they also think is a bit of fun! Our hot weather guidelines are: Parent/Guardian Discretion: Attendance is at the discretion of parents/guardians up to a gym temperature of 39 degrees. Make-up tokens can be offered to those uncomfortable attending. Temperature Monitoring: One hour prior to class, the gym temperature is measured. If it reaches 40 degrees or higher and remains unchanged at the time of the class, classes will be cancelled. Notification of cancellation will be sent via text message.
  • Child Safety
    Jets Gymnastics is dedicated to ensuring a culturally safe environment for all children and members, respecting their diverse needs and unique identities. Our commitment includes maintaining a professional atmosphere that is free from discrimination and harassment, treating all individuals with the utmost respect and dignity. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards child abuse and are firmly dedicated to providing a secure environment for every child. While all our policies are in place, we acknowledge that upholding child safety and a secure member experience requires continuous improvement and ability for anyone to give feedback. For inquiries email to submit a concern or make a report to a secure shared mailbox email details can be viewed on our Child Safe and Child Friendly Policy and Child Friendly Version.
  • Membership Cancellation
    Should you decide to cancel your membership, a 30-day written notice is required. This is so we can help your little one transition on to the next big thing with confidence and finish with the ultimate fun while we work on filling the space with the next keen gymnast. Before you go, we do suggest making the most of the perks of being able to swap classes, days and times to ensure you can maximise your time at Jets! In the event of membership cancellation, any remaining makeup tokens will expire. Makeup tokens cannot be transferred and are not issued for Squad classes. Jets Gymnastics does not provide refunds or credits upon cancellation.
  • Parent Participation
    Classes Wee Peas- Two Pea (6 Months- 2 years)- For adults attending a parent participation class with their child, please be aware of the uneven surfaces within the gym. Parents/guardians should not use the equipment and should not coach other children. All other classes- In the interest of safety, and to help us create independent and confident kids, parents/guardians are not allowed onto the gymnastics floor or equipment area during independent classes unless arrangements have been made in advance and induction has been completed.
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