Starting conversations about Emergency Services with your pre-schooler!

Did you know that triple zero receives more than 2.5 million calls every year via ESTA-the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority. From 2017-18 that represented a call every 12 seconds or more than 7,000 calls per day! Victorians were responsible for 1,864,504 calls that required emergency assistance from Police, Fire or Ambulance services.

So, given it’s our Emergency 000 theme, it’s a great opportunity to create some awareness & start those conversations about our Emergency services, how to contact them and their roles within the community.

The importance of teaching Toddlers/Preschoolers how to handle an emergency and when to call triple zero can be valuable in saving lives.

Here’s some tips to tackle emergency situations with your child:

1. Discuss the important information

  • When should you call 000?-Is yours or anyone with you life in danger or your property? Is it a ‘big accident’ or a ‘small accident?
  • The importance of learning your address & phone number-Make sure they know the number, street, Suburb and a phone number is helpful too
  • Going over emergencies and who they would ask the Operator for-Working out which emergencies require Police, Fire or Ambulance
  • Practicing finding safe exits out of your home & a safe meeting place-Teach more than one safe exit from your house, you could try this with their eyes closed, simulating a smoke-filled room if fire is present. The letterbox or tree could be a great meeting place after an emergency
  • NEVER call 000 as a prank

2. Make a list of emergency numbers to keep on the fridge

  • Home number, mobile &  family numbers
  • Poison’s information line 131 126 and any important local numbers
  • The Police Assistance Line is 131 444 (this number is for any non-urgent crimes or events.)

3. Learn when and how to call 000

You will first hear the recorded message ‘You have dialled emergency Triple Zero. Your call is being connected.’

Your call is then answered by a Telstra operator who will ask whether you require police, fire or ambulance.

They will then ask your location & what is happening?

The important thing to express to your child is to try to remain calm, speak slowly & stay on the line until the operator tells you to hang up.

There so many wonderful resources available on the internet to assist you in having that valuable converstion regarding calling triple zero and the valuable role our Emergency services play in keeping our Community safe. Here are some of our favourites:

Kids 000 Challenge-

Learning your address/phone number

MFB Home safety plan Police

Kindergarten activity book

Frequently asked questions-

While 000 is the Primary emergency number to call from a fixed, mobile or payphone, there is a secondary number for digital mobile phones- 112 which is the international standard emergency number and the text-based emergency number 106 is for people who are deaf or have hearing or speech impairment.

4. Download the App 

Check out the app called ‘EMERGENCY+’ to call 000. It gives your GPS location and information to the emergency call takers and is free in the App Store.



Welcome to our Emergency Services week!

We hope you all had fun being sports stars and ready for another exciting week at gymnastics. We’ll be including some of our very important emergency service jobs into our circuits so stay alert & get ready to protect our community!

If you see me on:

TUMBLE TRAMP AND TRAMPOLINE – Take a crawl over the fire pit, bunny hop/donkey kick down the Tumble trampoline, drive the teddy to hospital and do split jumps on the trampoline.

FLOOR – We’re getting better at holding up our ‘pizza hands’ and placing them back onto the wedge in our backward rolls. As we improve lifting our legs up & over and gain strength to push through our hands, the easier it will be to do the skill by ourselves. You can assist by lifting hips up & over to protect the neck.

BARS AND RINGS – Our core and body strength will be challenged this week by holding a front support on a cylinder. We’ll be practicing walking our feet up the wedge and pulling our legs over if confident. Let’s work on our grip strength with some half turns and try beat swings on rings, watch me keep my body really tight in those beat swings. Firefighters climb up our ladder and save the cats from the tree.

BALANCE BEAM – As well as some cool firefighting activities like saving the cat stuck up the tree and putting out the fire while riding in our fire truck, we’ll be focusing on our balance and core strength as we bear walk & crawl on the beam.

NEXT THEME Week 33/34 Mon 2nd-Fri 13th: ‘OUTER SPACE’