Rules, Terms and Conditions

Enrolment at Jets Gymnastics Pty Ltd, trading as Jets Gymnastics requires acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions

Joining Fee

All Students will be charged a joining fee (excluding free play students).  This joining fee includes registration with Jets Gymnastics, Gymnastics Victoria, Gymnastics Australia and Personal Accident Insurance.  The joining fee is a once off “Lifetime” joining fee which provides access to all classes Jets Gymnastics offers (please note programs are only conducted for 2-18 year olds – adult programs are not offered at Jets Gymnastics).  On acceptance by you these this fee will be automatically debited from the credit card you have provided and is non-refundable.

Monthly Fee

All Students are charged a monthly fee based on the number of hours trained per week.  You are responsible for payment of the monthly fee whether or not you or your child attends until the time you notify the Jets Gymnastics office VIA EMAIL (eltham@jetsgym.com.au) OR BY ORDINARY MAIL.

Make Up Policy

Should you be unable to attend your regular scheduled class, please notify the office. Make ups are offered for any classes missed, where available space exists in a like class. Those in squad classes are not permitted make ups. No refunds or credits are provided for missed classes. Make up tokens are generated following a missed class and are a valid for three months from the issue date. Make up tokens are only available to current enrolled members. If an enrolment is cancelled, make up tokens will expire.


Jets Gymnastics does not offer refunds for classes missed.  Members wishing to terminate their enrolment must notify the office in writing.

What to Wear

Jets Gymnastics recommends comfortable clothing or active wear that is easy to move in, with bare feet. All members are provided with a Jets Gymnast or NinjaZone t-shirt which they are encouraged to wear. No jewellery should be worn, and hair should be tied back. Please do not allow your child to bring valuables into the premises. Jets Gymnastics accepts no responsibility for the safety of personal items.

Arrivals & Departures

The gymnastics program operates during the gazetted times. No classes are held on public holidays.

Starting: Warm up is a critical part of a gymnastics program and is essential to ensuring all gymnasts are physically and mentally prepared for their gymnastic activity. Please ensure you arrive early to class and are dressed and ready well before starting time. When class is due to commence, a Jets staff member will call upon the students to come onto the floor area where a group warm up is performed.

Parent Supervision

Mini Jets/Parent Assistant/Assistants- All adults attending a class with a child please be aware there are uneven surfaces in the gym. Please do not use the equipment and refrain from spotting or coaching of other children.

For safety reasons, parents are not permitted onto the gymnastics floor and equipment area for our after-school and weekend classes.

Finishing: Gymnasts are dismissed inside the gym. Gymnasts are not permitted to wait outside or in the foyer for parents but should wait in the viewing area to ensure they are safe. Please come inside to pick up your child and please reinforce this behaviour by asking your child to wait inside for you.

Responsibility: Jets Gymnastics accepts no responsibility for children dropped off early or picked up late from class. Our instructors usually have other classes which they must take responsibility for and therefore cannot continue to supervise children if they are not collected. Children should be advised to remain in the viewing area and contact the office or a coach on the floor if nobody arrives to pick them up.

Parking & Safety

Please drive slowly and carefully taking into consideration that our “students” may include very young children. Please park responsibly in and around Jets Gymnastics.

Parents/guardians must actively supervise their children prior to and after all classes at all times and be over the age of 18. Children three and under must be actively supervised throughout all classes and activities.

Medical Attention

Parents are responsible for ensuring that all relevant medical details and contact information is kept up to date in our iClass database.

If your child has a serious allergy or medical condition requiring medication to be present whilst participating at Jets please ask at our office for one of our “Gym Joey’s”. This is a high visibility bag suitable for bringing medication to the gym and is strategically placed to allow our staff to provide the best possible assistance to your child should they require it.

If urgent medical and/or other attention is required and neither parents nor emergency contact can be reached, I give consent for my child to be treated by a medical practitioner as arranged by Jets Gymnastics Eltham.

Jets Gymnastics will call an ambulance for all major injuries. All fees and charges associated with seeking medical attention on behalf of your child are the responsibility of the parent / guardian of the child concerned. Parents should consider having ambulance cover and private health insurance in case of a medical emergency involving your child.


Accident Insurance may cover injuries sustained whilst in the process of doing gymnastics at or with Jets Gymnastics. All claims must be notified to our insurance provider within 30 days of the accident.

Please note for cover of physiotherapy, chiropractic or other specialist care a referral must be made from a qualified medical practitioner prior to seeking help from the specialist.

Insurance reimbursement does not cover medicare and private health insurance

Member Conduct

Inappropriate behaviour, physical, verbal or otherwise towards any Employee, Contractor, Member or Guest, may result in cancellation of your membership and removal from the premises. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons and membership at its absolute discretion

Photo/Video Release

Jets Gymnastics may occasionally use photos and videos taken within the centre or online for training and promotional purposes. No personal details will be disclosed if used for promotional purposes.  Jets Gymnastics also utilises security cameras within the venue and records online training sessions as a record to assist in keeping all staff and members safe.

The release below provides your written consent regardless of the circumstances with which the images are taken/recorded.

I hereby authorize Jets Gymnastics to publish the photographs and videos taken of me and/or the undersigned minor children, and our names, for use in the printed publications, website and training purposes.

I release Jets Gymnastics from any expectation of confidentiality for the undersigned minor children and myself and attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the children listed below and that I have the authority to authorize the use of their photographs, videos and names.

I acknowledge that since participation in publications and websites produced by Jets Gymnastics is voluntary, neither the minor children nor I will receive financial compensation. I further agree that participation in any publication and website produced Jets Gymnastics confers no rights of ownership whatsoever. I release Jets Gymnastics, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation or the participation of the undersigned minor children.


The following conditions of sale/membership/tuition (‘Conditions of Sale’) will apply to and bind the purchaser of any Jets Gymnastics products or services described in the website, brochures, policies or other means which may be changed from time to time.
1.0 Jets Gymnastics Pty Ltd (ACN 104 613 390) trading as Jets Gymnastics as the supplier of recreational services, and facilities to you (the customer) including, but not limited to gymnastics lessons, trampoline lessons, holiday programs, childrens birthday parties, use of trampolines and foam pits, and any other associated sporting activities or similar leisure time pursuits (recreational activities) in the Jets Gymnastics venue subject to the following conditions:
1.1. By purchasing services or the use of facilities at Jets Gymnastics, the customer agrees to be bound by these conditions.
1.2. Jets Gymnastics, its employees, directors and agents are not liable to the customer, member, student, your dependants or legal representatives for personal injury or death suffered by the customer because the recreational activities were not supplied with due care and skill or were not reasonably fit for their purpose or because of the negligence, breach of contract, statute or statutory duty by Jets Gymnastics to the extent provided for by law.
1.3. The customer acknowledges that the recreational activities are dangerous with many inherent risks and hazards and as a consequence personal injury and sometimes death can occur and the customer assumes and accepts all such risks and hereby waives the right to sue Jets Gymnastics for any personal injury or death in any way whatsoever caused by or relating to the customer’s participation in such activities.
1.4. RISK WARNING: Any activity involving height or motion, including gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, tumble trampoline, trampolines, foam pits, acrobatics, sprung floors, bars, balance beams, vaulting equipment, dance, martial arts, and physical activity in general, or any other equipment at Jets Gymnastics involves a significant risk of participants suffering personal injury including the possibility of serious injuries, permanent disability or death. All participants who engage in such recreational activities do so at their own risk.
1.5. WARNING UNDER THE AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW AND FAIR TRADING ACT 2012: Under the Australian Consumer Law (Victoria), several statutory guarantees apply to the supply of certain goods and services. These guarantees mean that the supplier named on this form is required to ensure that the recreational services it supplies to you:

  • are rendered with due care and skill; and
  • are reasonably fit for any purpose which you, either expressly or by implication, make known to the supplier; and
  • might reasonably be expected to achieve any result you have made known to the supplier.
  • Under section 22 of the Australian Consumer Law & Fair Trading Act 2012, the supplier is entitled to ask you to agree that these statutory guarantees do not apply to you. By accepting our policies terms and conditions, you will be agreeing that your rights to sue the supplier under the Australian Consumer Law & Fair Trading Act 2012 if you are killed or injured because the services provided were not in accordance with these guarantees, are excluded, restricted or modified in the way set out in this form (paragraphs 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4).

1.6. NOTE: The change to your rights, as set out in this form, does not apply if your death or injury is due to gross negligence on the supplier’s part. Gross negligence, in relation to an act or omission, means doing the act or omitting to do an act with reckless disregard, with or without consciousness, for the consequences of the act or omission. See regulation 5 of the Australian Consumer Law & Fair Trading Act 2012 and section 23(3)(b) of the Australian Consumer Law & Fair Trading Act 2012.
1.7. The customer agrees to pay the cost of and authorises Jets Gymnastics to take all steps it considers reasonably necessary to protect his/her welfare in the event of personal injury, including the administration of any emergency medical treatment and ambulance transportation.
1.8. Children under 3 years of age must be directly supervised by a responsible adult. Where you are responsible for such children you agree to be bound by these conditions on their behalf and you will directly supervise them at all times.
1.9. Participants must be in good health and free from any adverse medical conditions. For safety reasons, pregnant women, customers with pre-existing health issues or wearing casts are not permitted on the gymnastics and trampolining equipment. If in doubt please seek medical advice.
1.10. While in any Jets Gymnastics venue you consent to images and video being taken for security or promotional purposes of yourself, your children or of children for whom you are responsible.
1.11. The customer and all participants must comply with all policies, handbooks, signs or other directions of Jets Gymnastics and it may suspend or cancel the customer’s and a participant’s access to recreational activities at any Jets Gymnastics venue in its absolute discretion including for non-compliance with these conditions, or for reckless or careless conduct.
1.12. If you purchase services or the use of facilities at Jets Gymnastics on behalf of another person, you and that other person both agree that you make that purchase as the authorised agent of that other person so that he/she will be bound by these conditions.

Billing Authorisation

I represent and warrant that if I am purchasing something from this facility or from Merchants that:

  1. any credit or bank account information I supply is true and complete
  2. charges incurred by me will be honoured by my credit card company or financial institution, and
  3. I will pay the charges incurred by me at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes, fees, and penalties.

I hereby authorise (if online payment is made or autopay information is provided) this facility to charge my debit or credit card account. I understand that a 30 day written notice is required to terminate billing and I am responsible for payment whether or not my student attends classes until I notify this facility in writing to drop my student from classes.

Should I dispute a charge through my financial institution this may constitute a breach of contract possibly resulting in, but not limited to, penalties, additional fees, collection, legal action, and/or termination of any and/or all current and future services.


DIRECT DEBIT – Terms and Conditions

Term of the Direct Debit

This Direct Debit contract is ongoing and will expire when written notice is provided by the customer.

Direct Debit Amount

Direct Debit fees are provided at a set rate and operate regardless of the number of sessions provided in a billing period.

* The joining fee is not included in the direct debit fees – this amount is to be paid upfront prior to your child commencing their first class.

Processing of Direct Debits

Regular Class Direct Debits are processed on the 15th of every month (or next business day) for 11 months (Jan – Nov)

Online Class Direct Debits are processed on the 30th of every month (or next business day)

Suspension and Cancellation of Payments

Jets Gymnastics does not allow suspension of payments.  Cancellation of Direct Debit requires a 30 day written notice. In all instances, cancellation must be in writing via mail or email. When we receive the notice of cancellation, we will respond via email confirming the last direct debit date. Customers should not consider their account closed until they have received written confirmation of the cancellation. During the 30 day notice period, the Direct Debit amount will continue to be deducted at the calculated rate. Should there be any arrears in payments, the Customer authorises Jets Gymnastics to debit the outstanding balance in order to bring the account up to date.

Administration fee

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that funds are available in the nominated account. Should your payment be dishonoured the full amount reprocessed by Jets Gymnastics at its convenience. In the event of payments being dishonoured on two consecutive occasions, Jets Gymnastics reserves the right to terminate your membership.


If you believe that there has been an error in debiting your account, please notify us immediately. If we conclude as a result of our investigations that your account has been incorrectly debited we will arrange for a reimbursement accordingly. We will also notify you in writing of the amount by which your account has been adjusted.


We will keep any information (including your account details) in your Direct Debit Request confidential. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep any such information that we have about you secure and to ensure that any of our employees or agents who have access to information about you do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.

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