Mini Jets MasterChef- How to turn your fussy eater into a foodie

Struggling with what to feed your fussy eater at meal times? Well, rest assured that you’re not alone! Most of us have experienced this issue and it really can be quite a challenging and distressing time for your family to say the least. 

After delving into some information online, we thought we’d share some of these great tips that stood out to us as ones you may able to utilize, along with some recipes to add to your meal repertoire.

The Cancer Council NSW used the concept ‘Parents Provide, Children Decide’ approach in a bid to reduce the stress to parents and let the child feel more involved in their food choices.  

Here are some tips for you to consider:  

  • Structure meal times & snacks appropriately throughout the day-If too hungry or too tired your child may not want to eat 
  • Serve the same foods as the rest of the family (include a variety of foods, textures & flavors for balanced nutrition)
  • Try eating at the table with family and try to create a calm, positive environment without distractions like TV 
  • Get them involved in the kitchen food preparation & cooking 
  • Don’t force your child to eat & make it fun! 

 It might be comforting to know that a small child’s taste, pallet & appetite changes quite rapidly as they’re growing up, so it makes sense that foods they may have enjoyed eating previously no longer appeal to them. Don’t give up and re-offer again at another time. Did you know you may need to offer an individual food ten or more times before your child will choose to eat it?

Research indicates while 25-50 percent of toddlers are fussy eaters, around 25 percent of them have parents who admit to being fussy eaters too.

Food blogger & Mum of two, Ciara shows us how to whip up 7 quick & easy lunches that will be a great addition to your menu rotation! 

There may be a number of reasons for your child’s fussy eating or refusing to eat. If you’ve quizzed family and friends and you feel like you’ve exhausted all avenues with no improvement, be sure to mention your concerns to your Maternal Health Nurse, G.P or Pediatrician for further advice. 

Maternal & Child Health Line (24 hours) Ph: 132 229  

Parentline (24 hours) Ph: 132 289 

Mini Jets Theme in the Gym

We know you’ll love our action-packed circuits and extra fun ‘Mini Jets Masterchef’ theme. If you see us on the: 

TUMBLE TRAMP– It’s time to do some hopping and popping like popcorn down our tumble trampoline then rolling our bodies along the panel mat like rolling pastry. 

FLOOR– We’ll work on our forward & backward rolls down the wedge, cartwheels with a shape and gain some handstand strength with our spiderman handstands against the wedge. 







BARS/P.BARS– Hang on the bar and roll out the pizza dough with some glide swings on the octagon and try some front supports and sausage rolls over the bar. Remember not to force your child to roll over- we’ll gradually ease them into the roll and only do this skill if they’re confident. 

TRAMPOLINE– Our seat drops are looking fantastic but this week we’ll add on a half turn after standing up and do tuck jumps squashing the tomatoes for some sauce, on another trampoline. 

BALANCE BEAM– On our low beams we will bunny hop onto & over the top, tiptoe along another and on the high beam we’ll take a fruit or vegetable and place it into the colour coded bucket before jumping and safely landing in our motorbike on the safety mat. 

Did somebody say Mini Masterchef? Here’s an activity that will have your pre-gym snack sorted

Make sure your child has had sufficient food and time to digest prior to their class, so they have plenty of ‘fuel’ to burn off! Here are some fun recipes you could use to get your mini MasterChef journey started and turn your fussy eater into a foodie.

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