“If it is to be… it is up to me” 2019 National Gymnastics Championships

Six gymnasts, six dreams, six pathways, six inspiring leaders. Here’s how Jets Gymnasts Teliah Farren-Price, Tiarna Green, Olivia Ayton, Emily Jackson, Sienna Pavitt, and Jasmine Law are now living out their dreams at National Gymnastics Championships. Following very different pathways, successes, challenges, and experiences these girls now find themselves representing Victoria at the upcoming National Gymnastics Championships in May 20th-24th. With no story alike you’ll see there are many ways to reach a dream, all it takes is a determined gymnast and a goal.

10 years in the making Sienna Pavitt debuts at Nationals

Sienna Pavitt is affectionately known as Curly by her Jets family, first spotted running around the gym with her very curly hair aged just 4 years old, now in her 10th year at Jets. So what is the secret to her decade at Jets? 

“I just loved it, so I never stopped, I have gone through all the Jets programs from Mini Jets through Satellites into Competitive.”

She has also been lucky enough to train at Orlando Metro Gymnastics Club in Orlando, USA. Her return to Jets in 2018 meant she bought experience from her time doing gymnastics in the states competing in 9 competitions per season, gaining lots of competitive experience.

“It taught me discipline, the level of gymnastics was very high”

Highlights of her decade doing gymnastics are attending Regional Championships in Alabama, competing in the Bahamas and of course, going to Nationals for her first time this year. Her best and favourite apparatus is Bars. She will compete on the Level 8 Victorian Team on all apparatus and claims she will not only bring her skill but her sense of humour and fun to the team. Her favourite gymnast is Tiarna Green (Level 10 Jets Gymnast). She says, “all of the girls are so supportive, it’s just a friendly environment”. Her goals for nationals are to have fun and do her best.

Working hard in the face of adversity Jas Law debuts at Nationals

At just 12 years old Jas Law is competing in her first Nationals in the Level 8 Victorian team. After being selected in the 2018 Level 7 Team she faced the hurdle of being unable to compete due to injury the week before the championships. This thrill seekers favourite apparatus is Vault because she loves the challenge.  Her favourite gymnast is Teliah Farren-Price from Jets Gymnastics Level 10. Starting gymnastics at age 4 because she was “climbing on walls at home” she found her love for gymnastics and never wanted to do any other sports. She was attracted to Jets because of the friendly and kind environment. The most challenging thing about gymnastics for Jas is Beam. She says to overcome her fears she uses visualization and works hard.

“Just break down a skill then work harder to get it.”

The highlight of her career so far is team training camps and Display Day (if you are a Jets Gymnast, we are sure you would agree). Her goal for Nationals is to qualify for the second day, if she doesn’t this resilient gymnast says she will just keep going and prepare for next year.


Starting in Jets Gisborne, fourth time National Finalist Tiarna Green makes the Level 10 Victorian Team

Tiarna Green is in her second year at Level 10 Division 1 she is coming into her 4th year at Nationals and 3rd year on a Team. This year she finds the standard to be even more challenging. She started her career at Jets Gisborne and moved to Jets Diamond Creek to pursue her high-performance career. Naomi her mum first took her to gymnastics because she “wouldn’t stop bouncing around the house.” Tiarna attends school at Diamond Valley College next door to enable her to train up to 30hrs a week.

The environment here is just so fun and all the girls really keep me going.

She finds her school supportive of her career and scheduling classes around her gym. Her best and favourite apparatus is Bars. Her favourite skill is her Pac on Bars. Her hardest skill to learn was her flip layout dealing with a few mental blocks along the way. “I just had to trust myself,” she says she can now overcome life challenges more easily “with all the stuff we have to deal with in the gym”. Isis Lowery is her favourite gymnast “she is really positive and has great energy, something that I want to be”. Tiarna is inspired by her team.

When a whole group is positive, and we are all vibing off each other it is the best feeling.

The most challenging thing about gymnastics for Tiarna is the time and commitment it takes driving from Gisborne to Diamond Creek every day and overcoming fears. Her goals for Nationals are to bring positive energy and make it fun. “I can’t wait to compete on Bars” the highlight of her gymnastics so far is competing at Nationals and going on the Jets Gymnastics USA tour. Her goals for nationals are to stick 4/4 routines both days and just have fun for her last comp of the year. If it doesn’t go to plan, she tells herself to “forget about it and not bring her team down”. She would like to tell an aspiring gymnast especially those at Jets Gisborne…

“If you love it then it’s all going to be worth it.”

Determination is key in Jacko’s journey to Level 10 National Championships

Emily Jackson “Jacko” is competing for her second time at Nationals as an individual in Level 10 at National Champs. Starting gymnastics in prep she moved to Jets in 2010 because of the training programs and facility “it’s like a second family” she says. She is in her first year as a level 10 after having 6 months off due to injury.  The key to her motivation to return after injury was her love for the sport and why she does it because it’s simply…“just fun.

I love the feeling of being able to do skills” says Jacko.

Her favourite apparatus is Beam. She uses visualization and positive self talk to motivate her on Beam and overcome fear. The most challenging part of gymnastics is the mental side of the skills. She also likes to meditate at home using an app and looks up to her mum who she says is “always kind, hardworking and knows what to say.” The highlight of her career so far is competition in the USA tour in 2017 after gaining a flight series on Beam, salting Vault and double back on the Floor to make the tour. Her goals for Nationals are to “Just do the best I can and maintain a positive attitude” advice she gives to any aspiring gymnast is…

Keep going and keep pushing no matter what.

Level 10 National Floor Finalist Olivia Ayton demonstrates how Persistence is key to achieving a dream!

Stating gymnastics as a kid who was always upside-down has meant Olivia Ayton has never looked back. Starting at Jets when she was 12, she was attracted to “the supportive environment, teammates, coaches, and parents”. In Level 10 for her second year, liv has had to step up this year to meet the increasing difficulty for the requirements. Her highlight was making the Victorian Team in Level 6 and has since had a dream to make it to Australian Championships. In 2018 level 10 Liv missed out on the Victorian team by finishing with a score that was only 0.1 from the qualifying score.

The support of my coaches got me back on track, I have since worked hard to increase my difficulties and trained really hard to get there.

Having a fall on Bars at the recent Victorian Championships meant she had to push the disappointment aside and in turn qualified for her favourite apparatus Floor with a score over 12! Studying Pharmaceutical Science at university she has been selected into the Elite Athlete Program where she is able to adjust her classes around training.

I love the sport and I have all my best friends here!

She is inspired by watching college gymnastics now that her teammate Isis Lowery is in the Oregon State University team. Her goals at nationals are qualifying for the second day to compete and getting to know all the other gymnasts. She is most excited to complete her second tumble line, a roundoff flip back 1.5 twists. The advice she would give is to an aspiring gymnast after her fight to get to Nationals is:

Set goals for yourself and just never give up, remind yourself why you are doing gym and it will eventually pay off.

Reaching a Jets record of 8 years competing at National Championships, Teliah Farren-Price makes a comeback to remember!

Mum bought me to gymnastics because I couldn’t do the monkey bars at school

Starting gymnastics at the age of seven in Jets Gymnastics Eltham Apollos 1hr class she now returns after retiring from her long competitive career at the end of 2017. She found herself finishing her career after feeling sore and having many falls at competitions in 2017. “I have loved my entire gymnastics career and didn’t want to finish on that note.” In her year off she started on a career path she is passionate about, studying paramedics at uni. While coaching a Junior Squad in her year off “they reminded me of why I did gym in the first place… they were always so happy.” In 2016 Teliah won Level 10 at Australian Championships and was named both Australian Athlete of the Year and Victorian Athlete of the Year.

I have always thrived as part of a team

She feels that the environment of Level 10 was the best one for her and is excited to be back. This will be her 8th National Championships. Her main reason for coming back and wanting to compete again was just to have fun and enjoy every moment. As a result, she has found she has relaxed and enjoyed her gymnastics more. This has been reflected through the great success she has had on the comp floor (placing first on both Floor and Bars at all competitions this year), including becoming the 2019 Victorian Champion on Floor and Bars.

There were a lot of people around me that had more talent than I did, but I loved that because it meant I had to work even harder to keep up and get better than them.

Her role model is ex training partner and long-term friend Isis Lowery “She had a very similar mindset to me, strengths and weaknesses. Having her in the gym every day to look up to made me aspire to be like her”. Now that Isis is at college Teliah has very clearly stepped into a role that positively impacts the Jets Gymnastics competitive community.

I guess I’ve always wanted to lead by example, I have always loved being part of the team and Jets is my family so I would do anything for everyone here, It’s an honour that they look up to me.

The advice she would give to an aspiring gymnast is “You have to love it and secondly “Work really hard every day and set goals to work towards.”

Her other goal is to get the best out of the Victorian team by bring her experiences and encouraging them to unite as a team to beat rivals Queensland.

“The biggest thing I will take with me into my life is how important it is to work hard. Whether that be in a sport, in a job or school. It doesn’t matter what the results are but if you have worked your absolute hardest and put in your best effort at everything you do, you will go really far and be proud of what you have achieved.”