How kids learn through play… Wizards and Fairies Style


There are many benefits of playing whether it be in a structured setting like Jets Gymnastics Mini Jets classes or an unstructured setting. Both forms of play are vital components of the normal development of a child by:

  • Enhancing cognitive, physical & language development
  • Improving their social/emotional awareness

“Physical exertion has been shown to help kids observe & retain what they learn!” (‘How kids learn through play’, The Swaddle) 

We try to include as much play time as we can into our Jets Gymnastics Classes so you & your little one are able to experience some of these wonderful benefits whilst having lots of fun. Fairies & Wizards theme is sure to get your childs imagination flowing, ready for some valuable play time!

Did you know play is so important for children’s development that early childhood experts were pushing for formal education to be delayed until aged 7 or 8?

How we are learning through play in class this week as Fairies and Wizards?

TUMBLE TRAMP– We try some clapping while jumping on the trampoline then jump over the obstacles in our forest down the tumble tramp. Our shapes will become a fairy castle today. 



FLOOR– There’s a fairy hideout that we do our forward roll (in a ‘straddle leg’ position) underneath, magic stepping stones to walk on and more cartwheels to practice, this time around a circle. It’s great to vary the way we practice some of our key skill’s so the kids learn a variety of ways or progressions to enhance those they’ve already learnt. 


BARS/P.BARS- Walking along the p-bars magic mountain like a bear and hanging upside down like a bat in a basket hang. It’s time to rotate around the bar with a whirling forward roll, or a ‘see saw’ tipping over into your Parents safe hands and back. It may take a while to gain the confidence to try a forward roll (please don’t force your child as this may result in them not wanting to go near the bars for a while!) We will be there to correctly ‘spot’ (support) them as they rotate but if they aren’t keen to put their shoulders over the bar, ‘see saw’ will be the best option. 


TRAMPOLINE- We’ll reach for new heights as we stretch up tall in our rocket/straight jump then put our penguin hands down by our sides ready for some seat drops. Those hands should have fingers facing forwards their toes and eventually act as a stabilizer when touching down on the trampoline. If your child is having trouble with body tension & not able to control the upper body when landing, try using a mat to reduce the rebound, this will make it safer & easier to work on their body tension. 


BALANCE BEAM– It’s time to try some backward walking and take our letter over to ‘Hedwig’ the owl. You can try on the Harry Potter glasses and walk along the high beam, cross over the bridge and balance the magic bean bag on our heads. Lastly we’ll jump along the wide beam and cast a spell! 



Activity of the week- Make your own magic wands at home

  1. Wooden Spoon
  2. Sheet of Card
  3. Glue
  4. Glitter
  5. Ribbon
  6. Scissors
How to video:

>Next up (27th May- 9th June) Under the Sea Theme and the link between independence and social development for 2-6 year olds

Read More about the importance of play- https://raisingchildren.net.au/toddlers/play-learning/play-toddler-development/why-play-is-important