Frequently Asked Questions

Please drop your child into the venue before class starts and wait in the parent viewing area until a coach collects the gymnasts. Gymnasts will take shoes and socks off before going on the gym floor and place these in the lockers.

  • Drink bottle
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Free Jets Gymnastics T-shirt
All two hour classes will enter our “Learn to Fly Program” where gymnasts training once a week are challenged to achieve a high level of gymnastics skill.
  • You’ll get to go on all apparatus every week
  • Fast track your progression with more time in the gym
  • Personal skill tracking card and testing weeks (similar to a karate belt system)
  • Specific strength and flexibility rotation to help skill learning

No, Jets Gymnastics Members will not be charged a yearly registration fee. We require a once off $95 Joining Fee which will cover you with insurance for your whole time doing gymnastics with us.

  • Covered with Insurance
  • Free T-Shirt Upgrades through the Levels System
  • Sibling and Second Class Discounts
  • Make up classes can be booked any time subject to availability (valid for current year*)
  • Medical certificate required for credits
  • No refunds

Gymnasts must be dropped off and picked up from inside the venue. During after school hours classes parents are welcome to leave during class. During day time classes parents must stay and watch from the parent viewing area unless in an assisted class.

Generally 8:1 Coaching ratio in Take off and Learn to Fly Program, 6:1 TNT and 10:1 Astro Girls *Can have up to 10:1

Should your child have any specific medical requirements please notify our staff. Ask about our Gym Joeys for life threatening conditions. All coaches have First Aid and CPR qualifications.

Mini Jets Program
– Work through the foundation skills and fundamentals
– Up to 1 year in Apollos depending on school grade and skill

Learn to Fly Program
– Levels system 6 months-1 year+ to progress through
– Programs differ by grade/ year level
– Chat to coaches for detailed information about your child’s progression
– View skill tracking online

Our programs have been developed specifically to ensure proper preparation for development through the year. Our programs are designed to allow progress to be tracked by coaches to ensure that your child is placed in the most suitable class. Our coaches always love to hear from you if you have any questions related to your child’s class.

We are confident that gymnastics is an investment in your child’s future that will provide returns for life. You will see more than just gymnastics skills learned here. Gymnastics teaches confidence, helps brain learning, class structure, goal setting and much more. We provide a fully matted facility for your child to learn gymnastics in the most safe environment possible. Our coaches are all fully qualified to ensure that your child receives the highest quality lesson and we are confident that the benefits will extend into school other sports and life.

Teaching gymnastics safely is our number one priority. We provide you the highest quality equipment, fully matted facility, qualified and trained coaches as well as specially designed programs adaptable for the specific development needs of each child.

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