Following the different pathways to State Teams- Two Jets Gymnasts take on the 2019 Trans Bass Challenge

Have you ever wondered what the pathway to competitive gymnastics may look like? Jets Gymnastics is so proud to have had nine gymnasts selected on State Teams in 2019 from across our clubs  Jets Diamond Creek (7), Jets Gisborne (1) and Jets Shepparton (1). We are still excited at the possibilities to come with junior (Level 3-6 competition season only just starting). By learning each gymnast’s story you will find that there is no pathway alike but one thing in common is the passion, dedication, and willingness to work hard to get there.

Get to know your Jets 2019 Victorian Team representatives at Trans Bass Challenge

The 2019 Trans Bass Championships are fast approaching to be held at Geelong Arena on November 2nd. Qualifiers were held at BTYC in August and we are so proud to announce two Jets Gymnasts have been selected from Jets Gymnastics Shepparton and Jets Gymnastics Diamond Creek.

What is the Trans Bass Challenge?

What started as a challenge between Tasmania and Victoria across the Bass Straight, has now extended its invitation to all states of Australia. Gymnasts in ALP (Australian Levels Program) Level 6 and Level 7 must qualify to represent the state at a qualifying competition prior to the challenge. The top 6 gymnasts from each state in each level will then compete for the title of Trans Bass Champion.

Jets Diamond Creek Gymnast Mia (10yrs, Level 6) and Jets Shepparton Gymnast Madeline (13yrs, Level 7) and have qualified for the 2019 Victorian Level 6 and 7 Teams.

Madeline is Jets Shepparton’s first-ever gymnast to make a Victorian Team and one of the only regional gymnasts who was selected on the team!

Get to know our Vic Team Representative- Maddy

Maddy trains 15 Hours per week and started gymnastics in 2016 in our Galaxies program at the age of 10 before being selected into a competitive squad in 2017.

Maddy says she started gymnastics because “It is fun and challenging.”

She says the most challenging thing about gymnastics is mental blocks when it comes to learning difficult skills. To overcome her fears, she says

“I shake it off and clear my head using positive self-talk”

Her favourite thing about Jets Gymnastics is a supportive and friendly environment. Her favourite gymnast is, Simone Biles. She most looks up to her sister Olivia who we are sure will be there to support her at the big competition.

Her best apparatus is Bars and her favourite skill is Layout Full Twist off bars. Maddy is the reigning Victorian Bars Champion for level 6 in 2018 (her career highlight to date). Check out her 1 1/12 Twist here, you’ll see why!

Maddy’s goal for Trans Bass is to contribute to the team score (top 3 on each apparatus) and hopefully place as a team!

Get to know our Vic Team Representative- Mia

Mia trains for 24hrs per week and started gymnastics at 5 years old. Mia has been through many Jets programs from Rockets to mini satellites (selection based) to satellites to the squad program. Mia started competitive gymnastics when she was 8 years old doing level 3.

Mia says she started gymnastics because; “My friend from school did it and thought it sounded fun!”

We bet you’re wondering what Mia’s favorite apparatus is, and it is bars. In fact, she was first identified for the Satellites Program at Jets Gymnastics Diamond Creek when she was showing some impressive strength on bars in her Rockets class at Jets Gymnastics Eltham.

Mia’s favourite skill is also one she is currently learning called a toe-on-toes off to handstand on bars. Keep an eye out for the video on our Jets Gymnastics Competitive Facebook Page when she nails it!

She says the most challenging thing about gymnastics is overcoming fear. To overcome fear she says;

“I think to myself, just get it done, and then I do it.”

Mia’s favourite gymnast who she looks up to Teliah Farren-Price (2 x National Level 10 Champion and Jets High-Performance Alumni, who is now her coach)

She says, “My goal for Trans Bass is I want to hit my landings in my floor routine but most of all I just want to have fun!”

Advice to aspiring gymnasts

“Stay dedicates, strive for greatness and practice!”~ Maddy