Benefits of Independent Play & Under The Sea Theme Kids Activity

Independent Play– Transition from Comets to Meteors and Getting Ready for School

Taking that ‘next step’ up into our Meteors class (unassisted) can be a wonderful way for your child to experience some independence and improve their social & emotional development as well. You may notice your child will become more comfortable spending time away from you and is ready to interact with other children and be less reliant on you for help.

How do you know they are ready for an Independent Class?

  • They may also be starting to show signs of misbehaving or defying you, even the quiet children who don’t normally put a foot out of line! Don’t panic, these behavioral signs could well be your child’s way of letting you know that it may be time to change things up and offer them more of a challenge, be that socially or physically. 
  •  Age- The ideal age for joining Meteors is 3 ½ years of age. We feel that the ability for children to listen and concentrate are starting to consolidate making it easier to follow instruction from the Coach in a group setting, rather than from Mum/Dad in a one on one situation.  

“Kenzie started at 1 and a half years old and after watching her older siblings in Mini Jets, she was definitely ready to move to Meteors when she was 3 and a half years. Kenzie was so much more content and felt a real sense of pride to be able to be doing her gymnastics independently and so did I! Her middle daughter was not so keen to make the move! She was a very quiet, shy girl and it did take a bit of coaxing to leave Mum but when she finally did settle in, she really loved it and made new friends whom she still sees at gymnastics classes each week. These social skills are wonderful for your child to develop prior to starting at Primary school.” ~ Carly (mother of 3 Jets Gymnasts 4, 8 and 10)

  •  Socially- All Children’s social & emotional development occurs at different ages and usually, this is the hardest step for your Child to make. Choosing the ‘right’ time to change groups is the key. We’ll never force your child to move on and have seen some amazing changes occur when we get the timing right! 

“I was initially hesitant to put my girls across into Meteors, I wanted to stay & keep doing classes with them. One of the girls was happy to try the class and did so much better and really thrived when challenged to work independently. It really surprised me to see her listening and following instructions so well. Her sister wasn’t quite ready and stayed with me another Term which really helped her to gain confidence and maturity and was then ready to join her Sister. Having the Coaches guiding me with their experience was so valuable, recognising the girls and their individuality was critical to the way they were able to adjust into the Meteors class in their own time.” ~ Emma (mother of twins aged 4)

How can you best prepare for Independent learning?

While still in the Comets class, prior to your child reaching 3 ½yrs age, it would be beneficial to try to facilitate some independent play to prepare them for the transition across to Meteors. Little things like giving them some space during the class to process the instructions, shapes & skills the Coach gives. Pointing out the orange cones & pictures/cue cards- “where is it, what’s the number, what does the picture show?” These are subtle but valuable tools to help equip and set your child up for independence and successful experience. 

Our Coaches are continuously assessing your child during their class and if there have been any of the above-mentioned behavior’s happening, or they’re starting to show some independence wanting to try the skills themselves, it could be time to have a chat with us & ‘make the move’ and take a step closer to getting ready for school.

This weeks theme- Under the Sea! (May 27- June 9)


TUMBLE TRAMP– We will be walking like crabs down the tumble track as we pass by all kinds of underwater friends and running and jumping on the springboard to motorbike land in the ocean. You may even see some seals pulling a frisbee along with their tails. 

FLOOR– Standing strong like a starfish should help us master our cartwheels this week and squishing some pizzas as we roll our way around the Great Barrier Reef. Look out for us running with very high knees on the hot sand and crawling through an aquarium too! 

BARS/P.BARS– We will be making little whirlpools on the bars today as we learn to roll over the bar with the help of our coaches or parents and turn around in our hanging position. On the P-Bars watch us swing our legs up to straddle position and crab walk our way across some lower bars as-well. 

TRAMPOLINE– Watch us spin like a piece of seaweed as we learn to do half turn jumps today, and it will feel just like learning to surf as we bounce from our angry cat shape to our tummies and back again on the trampoline. Then it is time to go scuba diving in the pit and throw rocks into rock pools too! 

BALANCE BEAM– We love jumping over starfish on the Beam and crawling over a view of the ocean this week. We will also be walking with a hoop above our head and balancing our Front Supports on an octopus’ head. 


FISH OIL- What the research says 

 In keeping things ‘Under the sea’, we thought we’d look at some information & studies that suggest children could benefit from Fish oil supplements.                                                                                       

Ever wondered what the fuss over Omega-3’s or Fish oil is? Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish & seafood, are important for parts of your brain used for memory, learning, and reasoning. 

Studies have also shown that a deficiency of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) may cause problems with learning, eye health, nervous system, and behavior. And children with low DHA were found to have poor behavior and learning outcomes (Full Article- essentialkids.com.au/education/school/primary-school/the-health-benefits-of-giving-your-child-fish-oil-20160205-gmmsna)

Here’s some great ‘Under the sea’ craft to try at home

Activity 1- Plastic Cup Jellyfish 

Activity 2- Ocean in a Waterbottle

Next Fortnight 10th June- 23rd June: MasterChef Theme

Don’t forget NO CLASSES on Monday 10th June- Queens Birthday Long Weekend