Welcome back to our Mini Jets Families for 2020! We hope you’ve had a wonderful break over the Summer holidays and that you’re all ready for starting back into Gymnastics, Kinder/School and adding a bit of ‘normality’ into your lives again. This may also bring a little more chaos into the household.

With a little planning & preparation, we’ll show you how to help minimize the stress and make your new year a breeze!  

  • Talk about what their day/week will look like: Make a daily ‘map’ or picture story using photos, even drawing pictures to show their activities, kinder or childcare. This gives your child time beforehand to discuss and visualize each activity which could help reduce stress or anxiety that the unknown may bring.  
  • Jets Gymnastics now has a wonderful social story called ‘My Mini Jets Map’ to help make attending Mini Jets as fun and stress free as we can! Ask for a copy when you come in for class. 
  • Preparation is key: The night before try to organise clothes, pack bags and make lunches- don’t forget to prepare yours as well! Set the alarm a little earlier to allow yourself plenty of time to make the drop off & start times. 
  • Have plenty of snacks & water ready: Given the warmer weather, it’s a great idea to have back up snacks & water after Kinder/school to keep them fuelled up and ready for their next activities. 
Have a listen to Australian Mum Ash Jackson and her great hacks for starting back to school and lunchbox inspiration. 


We’re in for some fun, exploring our bodies & the wonderful things we can use them for in our Mini Jets classes for weeks 3 & 4.  

Key skills we’ll try are:  

  • Tuck rock ‘n rolls with a high five for our Parent or Coach, this skill is key for developing our core, vestibular and forward rolls. The children can use their arm on the floor to assist getting back up to tuck position or you could hold their hands as an alternative. For our younger Comets lacking in core & neck strength, you may need to assist their head/neck with one hand & offer your other hand as a gripper to hold and lift themselves up. 
  • Star jumps on the trampoline, reaching the arms and legs as wide as & high as possible.  
  • On the Balance Beam, we’ll focus on building your child’s confidence keeping eyes forward, body tall & arms out like ‘airplane wings’ for the balance! If their comfortable enough, try holding their trunk instead of their hand and don’t forget to walk forwards while assisting your child on the beams, so you can see what’s in front of you & stay safe. 
  • The ‘What’s in the Box’ will usually be a hand apparatus or fine motor skill activity related to the theme that we add to our circuits each week. It will most likely be added to a ‘waiting’ station to maximise the children’s time while waiting for their turn. Working on their fine motor skills not only assists with everyday activities such as writing, feeding themselves, buttoning & zipping clothes but also works on developing grip strength to hang & swing on the bars.  
  • This week’s ‘What’s in the Box’ has some funny glasses to try on & clothing to peg on the line. Why not consider making your own clothesline & pegging at home, it’s such a fun activity and gets the fine motor working. 


NEXT THEME: Week 5 & 6 Feb 17th-28th Feb 

‘Jungle Fever’